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Daikin Europe N.V., Zandvoordestraat 300, 8400 Oostende (Belgium)

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Air purifiers

Pure air, because Daikin cares

Product Image Air purifiers are designed to care for you by providing purified air unobtrusively to produce a healthy environment in your home. Air purifiers efficiently and effectively remove and destroy chemical contaminants and allergens which can affect your health.

Your benefits

Air cleaning

The air in your home carries are all kinds of allergens such as mites and pollen, as well as viruses and bacteria. Daikin’s air purifiers are designed to remove these.


Our streamer and filter technologies remove the causes of bad odours.

Powerful suction

Thanks to our unique air intake design, a greater volume of air can be cleaned which speeds up air purification.


Features such as a monitor which displays the current air conditions make operating our purifiers simple and straightforward.

Product range

Streamer technology air purifier

Streamer technology air purifier

Daikin streamer technology filters out those airborne particles which can often pose serious health risks.

Ururu Air purifier

Ururu Air purifier

The Daikin Ururu air purifier removes allergens, bacteria and viruses efficiently. The Ururu humidification system absorbs moisture from the outside air and transfers it to the indoor unit quickly and efficiently, maintaining the perfect humidity balance in your home.

Daikin Streamer Technology

“Streamer discharge” is a type of plasma discharge which can eliminate bacteria and mould as well as hazardous chemical substances and many types of allergen.


Streamer Discharge unit: High-speed electrons are discharged that enable decomposition and removal


Prefilter: Dust is captured. Bacteria and allergens are removed


Plasma ionizer: Dust and pollen are electrically charged and then sent to the filter


Electrostatic dust collection filter (front of pleated dust collection filter): Dust and pollen are absorbed by the electrically charged filter


Titanium apatite filter (back of pleated dust collection filter): Odours and viruses are kept under control by photocatylist


Deodorising catalyst filter: Formaldehyde and odours are decomposed

Ururu humidification

Water from the tank flows into the receiver tray. The tray then lifts the water as it rotates and releases it onto the filter. The air which is blown through the filter absorbs the moisture and diffuses it into the room as humidification.

  1. The water wheel lifts the water from the receiver tray
  2. Air is blown onto the filter
  3. Humid air is discharged into the room

Title: A clean and healthy residential environment | Daikin air purification

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Description: Air purifiers efficiently and effectively remove and destroy chemical contaminants and allergens which can affect your health.

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