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Daikin Europe N.V., Zandvoordestraat 300, 8400 Oostende (Belgium)

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Agricultural solutions

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Maximise the productivity of flowers, fruit and vegetables year round with Daikin’s integrated greenhouse solutions for heating, air conditioning and temperature-controlled storage.

Your benefits

Energy efficiency

Daikin’s energy-efficient solutions maximise productivity, while minimising the environmental impact.

Control humidity

Daikin’s air handling solutions optimise humidity levels to suit each crop by adding or removing moist air. 

Longer storage possible

Store fruit and vegetables for longer without germinating or deteriorating in quality by maintaining consistently low temperatures and controlled CO2 levels.

The right conditions for growth

Daikin offers tailor-made chilled water systems and condensing units to provide just the right conditions for growth, and for careful control of food production and processing.



Title: Customised greenhouse climate solutions | Daikin applications

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Description: Heating, air conditioning, temperature-controlled storage: Daikin’s agricultural solutions maximise year-round productivity of flowers, fruit and vegetables.

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